How To Apply

Using minoxidil to treat your hair loss is really very simple. There are two different varieties of the product: liquid or foam. These also come in two different strengths: 2% or 5% with the 5% strength option only being indicated for males.

The 2% variety can be used by both men and women. Both of these strengths and both foam and liquid varieties need to be applied with careful attention to the instructions in order for the product to achieve its desired outcome.

Before use, check that your scalp is suited to this treatment. If your skin is irritated or sunburned, wait until this clears up before beginning your minoxidil regime. Avoid using it on skin that is red, cut or scraped in any way, irritated or infected.


Ignoring this advice could lead to unwanted, serious side effects You should also avoid applying minoxidil on days where you also use hair dye or get any kind of treatments applied to your hair or scalp, such as perming.

Applying Kirkland Liquid Using The Dropper


First, wash and dry your scalp area thoroughly. If you prefer, you can put the product on damp hair, as the application of minoxidil to a wet area may lead to the drug penetrating the skin more than if the skin were dry, although be aware that increased absorption and potency can lead to an increase in side effects.

Then, take your dropper, and fill with the minoxidil solution to the 1 millileter line, or 1 cc, or use 20 drops of the medication. Separate your hair in the area where thinning is occurring and ensure that the medication is evenly applied all over the area.

Massage gently into the skin, and then be sure to allow it to dry completely before you get into bed and put your head on the pillow, or use any other products on your scalp such as mousse, hair gels or sprays. Don’t wet your hair again for at least 4 hours after applying the minoxidil to ensure that the product is absorbed effectively.

There are some that prefer to use a “dab method” or spray the solution onto the scalp, but using the dropper carefully can ensure that you’re applying the minoxidil to the correct area thoroughly and getting the maximum results from the medication. Remember that it’s the scalp you want to rub the product into, not the hair itself; the product will not be effective on the hair.

Wash your hands carefully after use, and be especially cautious about getting the medication near your eyes, where it could cause some serious side effects. If contact with the eyes does occur, rinse thoroughly with plenty of cold water

The recommended usage is twice a day, every day, but some people prefer to use it more often in an attempt to maximise the impact of the treatment and achieve results more quickly.

There’s nothing wrong with this approach, and it may help the medication work better, but be aware of the possibility of increase side effects as a result of increasing the dosage. If you experience irritation or undesired hair growth in other areas you may want to limit your applications to twice a day.

Applying Kirkland Foam


To use the foam variety of this medication, apply all the same precautions as you would with the liquid. Check for skin irritation and sunburn, and ensure that you’re using the correct strength for your needs.

Rinse your hands well in cold water and dry thoroughly before using the minoxidil foam product. Then, apply half a capful of the foam to your scalp, and massage into the area well. Wait for the foam to dry completely before getting into bed, wetting your head at all or applying any other hair treatments.

Minoxidil products can be used indefinitely to achieve the desired hair growth results. The full benefit of treatment doesn’t tend to become obvious until at least 12-14 months, so some patience may be necessary.

Some people may see results earlier, some as early as 4 months, but its best to use for at least a year before judging if minoxidil is working for you. The product must be used consistently to achieve results and maintain growth.

Minoxidil doesn’t cure balding or hair loss, it simply treats it, so if you stop using the product you may lose the results you’ve seen so far. Therefore, the longer you use minoxidil, the longer you’ll see the benefits.

If you don’t see any improvements after a significant period of usage or your hair loss gets worse, speak to your doctor about other options and to further examine what may be causing the problem.

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