Minoxidil Spray

Suffering from hair loss? Thanks to scientific advances it’s now possible to prevent further shedding and even regrow lost hair. While some men opt for the radical option of hair transplant surgery, most see great results simply by applying topical Minoxidil, the product originally marketed as Regaine. As with all topical medicines, how you apply the solution can make a major difference to the effectiveness. The latest innovation is the precision Minoxidil sprays, which can help you apply Minoxidil right where it’s most needed.

What is Regenepure Precision Minoxidil Spray?

Regenepure spray contains 5% Minoxidil, the active ingredient that helps prevent hair loss and promotes hair growth. Minoxidil has been around for decades, and although it was initially prescription only is now available as an over the counter solution. Millions of men use Minoxidil to counteract male pattern baldness and other causes of hair loss. You might be familiar with brand names of Minoxidil, including Regaine and Rogaine, but since the medical patent expired on Minoxidil, cheaper versions using the exact same active ingredient have also appeared. These new products have not only cut down the cost of preventing hair loss, but have also increased innovation in application. Initially Minoxidil was only available as a liquid, but then one innovative company brought out a foam solution that assisted application. Recently Minoxidil has come into the market in the form of a precision spray under the brand name Regenepure.

How Does It Work

Regenepure Precision Minoxidil Spray contains the same ingredients as other Minoxidil and works identically, so if you’re switching from the liquid or foam you won’t have to worry about a decline in effectiveness or any side effects of changing. You can use the product to evenly distribute Minoxidil over your entire scalp or alternatively target certain areas of your head. The precision spray also allows you to target the areas of your scalp and crown you wish to see hair growth on more effectively.

The spray contains a swivelling nozzle that enables you to precisely target the spray to ensure that Minoxidil only hits your scalp, and therefore is not wasted in run off. The spray creates a mist that ensures even application over the area sprayed. This also assists in penetrating past existing hair line to ensure that current hair growth is protected from future hair loss.

The Benefits

Most men using Minoxidil spray report that results are superior to other Minoxidil products such as liquid and spray. Because the mist created by the spray ensures an even application, hair growth is generally more complete and commonly missed areas of the scalp see growth.

The spray also makes applying Minoxidil quicker and easier. Both foam and liquid require significant effort in application, and often solution is accidentally lost during application. Furthermore, foam and liquid usage often requires sink cleaning after use, while Minoxidil spray ensures that the product is only applied to the scalp where it’s needed.

Some men have avoided using Minoxidil due to the effects the product can have on pets, especially cats. Minoxidil spray improves pet safety by applying Minoxidil more directly without the risk of runoff associated with the foam and liquid. The bottle is also harder to accidentally open. Pet owners should still use caution when using any Minoxidil products, however. Your pets must still be kept out of the room you use to apply the product, usually the bathroom (and away from your head) and you should ensure there’s good ventilation.

About Regenepure

Regenepure is made by a U.S. based professional hair products company that makes multiple Minoxidil hair loss products. The company was founded by a number of professionals from different sectors of hair industry, from physicians to salon owners. Unlike other companies in the industry they decided to focus on the product rather than marketing and have created arguably the best Minoxidil in RegenePure. While the active ingredient is the same, RegenePure solution is different in that it designed to avoid any chemicals or other ingredients that might cause damage to your hair, your health or the environment.