Regaine vs Kirkland


Choosing a minoxidil product to combat hair loss isn’t always the easiest choice. There’s almost a dozen different brands out there, although the choice usually comes down to either Regaine or Kirkland. At first glance the products are very similar: both use the same active ingredient, minoxidil, to counteract hair loss. Both also offer the same percentage of minoxidil for men at 5%. The headline similarities mask some differences between the products, and these differences lead some men to swear by one or the other of the two products.

Kirkland is widely viewed as the ‘generic’ version of Regaine Extra Strength (also called Rogaine in the USA).

As with all generic medicine the cost is lower than the branded version, but the science behind the product is the same. With Kirkland’s 5% product the price for a six month supply is typically less than a quarter of the equivalent Regaine product. For those who are price sensitive or who prefer bargain hunting the choice is obvious.

Until recently Regaine did have one advantage over Kirkland though: it offered a foam product that was preferred by some men, something that Kirkland was unable to do as generic foam minoxidil hadn’t been approved. Some men claimed that foam worked better for them, while others simply preferred it due to the speed with which it dried and the lack of residue from its use.

Thankfully Regaine no longer has the advantage as Kirkland now has a foam minoxidil product on the market that works identically to the Regaine foam, but just as with the ‘Extra Strength’ products, the Kirkland Foam is considerably cheaper than the branded Regaine/Rogaine foam.

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If you are already using Regaine and want to save money, the key to keeping your current hair regrowth is to stay with the same regime and product type. Switching from foam to liquid, or vice verse, whether on the same brand or between brands can affect your hair regrowth temporarily.

However switching from a generic version of the same product, for instance switching from Regaine foam to Kirkland foam, will have no effect other than leaving more money in your pocket. Medically you are applying the same active ingredient in the same manner, your hair is unable to see the logo on the bottle you are applying it from and won’t know the difference.

Bad experiences reported online of switching from Regain to Kirkland or from Kirkland to Regaine always turn out to have an explanation other than the product used. For instance some wait for several days or even weeks between running out of their current supply before switching because of the dilemma of which brand to choose. Any break in your minoxidil can have long term impact, so when switching it is important to ensure you never run out of the product.

It’s advisable to always have at least one bottle spare as it is often hard to tell how much product is left in your current bottle, especially if you are using the foam product.

As the products are medically identical in active ingredient and application method, there’s absolutely no reason not to save yourself hundreds of pounds by switching from Regaine to Kirkland.